ZIKV is a database that has been manually developed and cured by Brazilian researchers, experts in the fields of microbial infection and host-pathogen interaction, molecular biology, proteomics and neurochemistry. Our goal is to gather all information on gene expression alterations at mRNA and/or protein level promoted by Zika virus infection in different host models.
The database provides information on genes which expression was experimentally measured after ZIKV infection. The data presented here are from published works available in Pubmed database comprising different approaches to detected and quantify transcripts and proteins. One of the differential features of this resource is not only provide high throughput data from shotgun transcriptomics (like RNA-Seq) or proteomics (like MudPIT), but also individual gene expression measuring, for instance by Real Time-qPCR or Western Blot. The data is shows to the different experimental conditions tested like host (cell lines, tissues or animal models), ZIKV strains (African, Asian or Brazilian), and target molecule (mRNA or protein), among others.